About Our Restaurant

about-cilantro1If you are looking for a South American flare, Cilantro Latin Grill has brought Venezuelan & Columbian cuisine to the Ohio Valley. Offering burritos, salads, chips, soups, rice bowls and arepas with their fresh-made ingredients, you’ll love all the flavors that you can put into your “build-your-own” style of quick service food.

about-cilantro2Located conveniently between the Ye Olde Alpha and Miklas Meat Market, Cilantro Latin Grill believes in delivering FRESH-MADE FOOD, everyday. They spend each morning preparing fresh ingredients and grilling freshly season meats to perfection.

Similar to Chipotle – Cilantro Latin Grill strives to serve you with a better, fresher, more delicious experience. Chain restaurants have to mass produce certain ingredients to provide consistency, but we put freshness ahead of everything and know you’ll be able to tell the difference.